Immigrant lured out of church with false text messages

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Immigrant lured out of church with false text messages

Last month federal agents used fake messages to lure immigrant who didn’t have documents out of church. This situation raises a question; how often federal agents use these manipulative tactics?

Reynold Garcia, Mexican immigrant who didn’t have documentation entered in a church in Schaumburg in Illinois, one January morning. He went to church to pray for comfort, together with several others, as the day before ICE raided his house and took with them his wife and two children.

Haggar Gutierrez, one of Garcia’s friends stated that he told him if something happens to him, that they will stay in touch by mobile phones.

175669512At some point, Garcia started receiving disturbing messages, that seem to be from his cousin Noel. The texts stated that he suffered in a car accident and that he needed his help. Garcia apparently told his friends that something was not right considering the texts, but he received the phone call from the police officer who told him that his cousin really had a car accident and they would come into the church to escort him.

When he exited the church, near the McDonald’s parking lot, a lot of people appeared  – who were local police – when his friends asked to go with him, they were told to stay in church.

110928041430-operation-cross-check-story-topOnce he entered the car he realized that those people weren’t local police but ICE agents.

The texts were sent from Noel’s phone, but ICE agents filtered them and used his cell phone in their advantage.

The next morning, he was on his way to Texas to join his family, wife and children.

check this out states that these cases are common in the service of ICE agents. They will find any way to deport a person who is staying illegally on U.S. ground.