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Immigrants from Mexico may have a positive effect on real estate market

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Immigrants from Mexico may have a positive effect on real estate market

Zillow and Pulsenomics have an opinion on this matter, they think that undocumented immigrants may increase housing market in the U.S.

Since the elections are to happen later this year, immigration reform and undocumented immigrants have once again stirred the public. But, Zillow and Pulsenomics think that this slow migration might lead to incensement and built of more luxury real estates.

ZHPE conducted a survey regarding housing markets in the United States and 104 housing experts were asked to state their opinion regarding this matter. 85 of them answered questions about the immigrants and what role they could play on real estate market in the U.S.

hisFrom the research gathered in Pew Hispanic Center, a number of illegal immigrants have remained the same in the last five years and number of undocumented Mexican citizens is lower than in 2007. Survey also reflected on the price of construction labor in the United States, because undocumented immigrants are often paid less than American born citizens.

Further, more luxury real estate projects would be built instead of family homes. This election circle doesn’t take too much interest in housing policy, but in the immigration policy centrally has, people should realize that those two are connected. The supply of homes on U.S. ground can’t keep up with a demand, especially lower cost homes that are interested for immigrants.

926533-house-buildersThe construction of new home has been slow, and those who are in a stage of building are designed for high net worth clients. If construction companies hire US workers and those who have documents, they may continue to focus their attention to the more profitable end of the market.


Other experts also agree on this matter. The bigger part of them said this shift from single family homes to high-end projects will increase the price of labor. Only ten percent of them predicted that price of labor will go down.

In the border states, such as Arizona, California and Texas, it was assumed that they will see larger effect on the real estate market, but that didn’t happen.

hop over here thinks that this matter is yet to be seen, because many of immigrant who come into U.S. will use all benefits they can get.


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