Republicans debate on immigration law

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Republicans debate on immigration law

Recently viewers had an opportunity to witness a historical moment when two leading presidential candidates, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, which both have origins of Cuban immigrants, debated who will be more severe regarding the immigrations, if one of them becomes a president.

At one point, the exchange of words became tense when Rubio mentioned that Cruz doesn’t know to speak Spanish. Cruz didn’t waste time and quickly replied him in Spanish.

static2.politico.comEven though Rubio tried to embarrass Cruz, it is a fact that a lot of Hispanic – Americans aren’t fluent in this language. When presented like this, it is uncivilized to watch two presidential candidates degrade Hispanic community in such a way and the ask to be supported in the voting.

please visit here, thinks that this kind of behavior is shameful and disrespectful for two presidential candidates.

But it wasn’t always like this, 35 years ago when George H.W. Bush was asked whether children of immigrants, who don’t have documents, should go to public school, he said that they are creating a strong society of caring and loving individuals. Those children should be observed as good and strong people.

dont_report_my_parentsRonald Regan agreed on this statement of Bush, he said instead of putting up the fences, they should work together on their problems. Immigrants should be allowed to come in U.S. with a working permit, and while they are working here and earning for their lives, the will be paying taxes too. If they want to go back, the borders will be open in both ways. Both Bush and Regan spoke highly of Mexico and that they should keep good relations.

Later as a President of the United States, Regan will sign legislation in which he will allow three million of undocumented citizens to create a pathway.

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